Excursion to Sinaia, Braşov, Bran

Excursion to Sinaia, Braşov, Bran 2018-12-03T20:36:51+00:00

Excursion to Sinaia, Braşov, Bran

“The elegant summer residence of the Romanian Kings started with the construction of a small church belonging to a monastery, in the heart of the centuries old forests of the Carpathians”… Unexpected cultural relations become clear on this tour. Our tour leader shows you the old and the new church of the Sinaia Monastery, as well as the well-preserved castles in the Peleş-Valley. One of them we shall visit. You will learn some interesting, though little known facts on the Romanian Royal House and on the high-handed personal cult of the communist leaders. Today’s situation will be discussed too.

            On the same sightseeing tour, you shall discover the nice little house of the most important Romanian composer, violinist and conductor, George Enescu. It is in perfect contrast to the sumptuous Cantacuzino Palace , his home in Bucharest .

            Around the magnificent summer residences, the elegant vacation houses and the comfortable cafes, rise the first Romanian mountains to be used for tourism.

The approximately 100 km between Bucharest and Sinaia offer, depending on your interest, many objectives. So you can learn the history of the Romanian Oil, in the once prosperous oil towns Ploieşti and Câmpina, but we will also drive through rests of the ancient forests, meanwhile cut because they sheltered outlaws.

Further to Bran, we shall visit the famous Dracula Castle.

Furhter to Brașov. We will visit Brașov, one of the seven boroughs Transilvania’s (its German name, Siebenbürgen, means Seven Boroughs), which still preserves its medieval air. The old City Hall and the Black Church are built by the Saxons, the area of Șchei and the Nicholas Church are Romanian though.

In the evening, we shall arrive back to Bucharest.

The price includes:
  • all transfers from/to the hotel by car
  • Guide
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  • personal expenditure and tips
  • Transfer from / to the airport
  • entrance fees

Price for a group of 1-4 persons: 426 Euro per group
Price for a group of 5-8 persons: 447 Euro per group
Price for a group of 9-17 persons: 468 Euro per group

Departure: 8 am from Hotel, Arrival: 8-9 pm in Bucharest