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1. In compliance with the statutary requirements (statute 677/2001 and 506/2004 and the new GDPR regulations), our agency does not disclose personal data of our clients to third parties, other than required by the strict operation of the tours offered and then onlt to parties strictly connected with the direct operation of the tour – hotels and/or carriers (as bus operators or airlines), or by a legal request of state authorities.
2. If the customer contacts us in writing (by e-mail or by letter), they do expressly agree to use the contact details in order to respond to their request. Contact details will not be used to send unsolicited mailings, nor will they be shared with any other party.
3. Our website uses cookies for traffic statistic purposes only. The information stored is not personalised and any reference to individuals are not collected with cookies. If you do not wish to have your traffic tracked on our website, enter the settings of Google Chrome, click Advanced and choose select “Send a Do Not Track request with the traffic”.

4. Our clients have the legal right to review, modify and delete the personal data hold by 3MT Serv SRL. The clients furhter have the right to not be part of an individual decision (as for instance direct marketing). Our clients have also the right to opt that their own personal data should not be processed or to be deleted from our database. To put these rights into practice, our clients are kindly asked to send us a dated and signed request by e-mail to the addresses office@3mt.ro and 3mt.tours@gmail.com. Our agency shall undertake all necessary steps to solve the request in a friendly manner as soon as possible, otherwise, a complaint can be filed at NSPDCP. In the unlikely situation, that none of those actions work, the customer has the right to address to justice on this matter.
5. In order to comply with the statutory requirements, it is sometimes mandatory to disclose some personal data. For invoicing purposes, for instance, some personal data will be required and kept at least for the legal period of time. It would definitely help us, if some personal data are disclosed from all participants to an excursion, in order to reduce the time of check-in, as some of those dates we do share with hotels and/or restaurants. They are also registered operators of personal data.
6. 3 MT Serv SRL is a registered operator of personal data registered at the number 9486 with the Romanian Authority of Data Protection.