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Dear Guests,

Did you know, for instance, that the famous painter Gustav Klimt has worked during his early years in Romania? Or that some of Constantin Brâncusi's early works are in Romania, too? Or that the French Impressionism had a huge impact on the Romanian painting schools? Cross-border connections are all over the place - and we found also connections to the United States in Târgu Mureş, to Hungary more or less throughout Transylvania, to Germany, Austria and Switzerland through the Saxons and other German-speaking minorities of the country in several places in Romania, including Southern Romania - or Valahia, as it is called traditionally). Jews also used to play an important role in the historic provinces that build nowadays Romania - in Bucharest still exists a Jewish Theatre, that performs in Yiddish and have, upon demand, simultaneous translation in Romanian or some of the most important foreign languages, including English and German.
     Old Greek and Roman Mythology and history is also present especially at the Black Sea and on the Danube - On the Island of Serpents (Leukos or White Island) in the Black Sea, there should be the burial place of Achilles, the first hero of Homer's Iliad.
       Our promise is to offer all the support and assistance in English or German - from the first point of contact, to the last. On the hotel side, we promise to suggest always the best hotel at our destination - a minimum of 3 stars, or else a different offer is being made and specifically stated.
     It is 3 MT Tours the most specialized Romanian inbound tour-operator for tours particularized on the individual needs of groups and individuals. That is why our tours presented on our web site normally serve as a rough guidance, if you are interested in a particular area. The programmes can be operated as such, but more often than not, we do tailor them around the needs, wants and interests of our guests. So please do not hesitate to drop us a line at 3mt.tours@gmail.com.
     I wish you hereby a wonderful excursion to Romania and an unforgettable stay, way beyond all the everyday stress.
     Mihnea Toncescu,
     Your guide and representative

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