Sightseeing Tour of Bucharest

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Sightseeing Tour of Bucharest

This usually first contact with Bucharest lasts for about 2 hours. We recommend it also to people who know our capital, as Bucharest is constantly refurbishing its buildings and opening new sites to be visited.

You will see a beautiful town, little damaged in the recent wars. Beginning with the the period between the two world wars, wide boulevards have been opened, with lots of trees and parks. There are wonderful buildings from the end of the 19th century, as the Romanian Athenaeum, but also cubistic buildings of the 30ths. A lot of small churches and various palaces! And there are still the soviet and the complicated Ceausescu stile in Bucharest, each with its own charm, occupying its place more or less brutal in the Romanian capital.

The city tour can end with the visit of a museum. According to your preference, we can recommend the Palace of Parliament (the former „House of the People“), the Village Museum, or the Romanian Art Gallery in the former Royal Palace. Your guide will be a man, who has been living in Bucharest beginning with his early childhood.

It is best to combine this tour with the Walking Tour -Bucharest.

Price of the Tour: EUR 10.- per Pax in a bus
30 EUR – per Pax in a minibus
40 EUR- per Pax in a car (if 3 Pax), or 50 EUR- per Pax (if 2 Pax)