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Beginning with 2010, we have put together at 3 MT Tours some tours to the area of Valea Mare Pravăţ and Câmpulung Muscel, all based at Pensiunea Valea Mare***. Historically it is a very interesting area - it started sometimes in the mid-13th century, when the nearby Câmpulung Muscel was created as a commercial colony of the German Saxons of Transylvania. Brasov itself is some 80 km away from us. Just one century later, Câmpulung managed to become the first Capital of Valahia, today's Southern province of Romania. Moreover, there are three monasteries carved in stone in this very area. They build a triangle and each of them being at the same distance apart from the other. Catholic and Orthodox altars carved next to one another in one place, two Orthodox altars behind the same icons-wall at another place and the very place where Apostle Andrew came at the third. Fights of WWI in this region have left traces behind - the Memorial at Mt. Mateiasu and the military cemetry in Dragoslavele are just two of them.

From a nature and landscape point of view, the area is very important - the highest mountain peak of Romania, Moldoveanu, at 2545m, is pretty close to our location in Pensiunea Valea Mare, as is the highest and possibly one of the most difficult road to drive in Romania.

Moreover, we do suggest a wide range of programmes, not only cultural and nature. It is important to get aquainted to people's way of living, to their celebrations and activities all round the year - Eastern, Women's Day, collecting apples in October, Sumedru's Fire, Christmas and New Year's Eve.

To these tours we do have a range of promotions - be it early booking, longer holidays bonus, last minute and many more. We do expect you shall have a memorable experience in this area, with rich history, magnificent landscape, beautiful traditions and the ever welcoming people of Southern Romania. Please feel free to browse our website to put together the ideas of your next tour.



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