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       "Romania is not a country, to travel to, just to have been there - as Italy or Spain. It is rather a world, that one has to experience conciously, in order to understand it: the strong relationship of people with nature, their love for music, for folklore and for their country." (H. Grit Seuberlich, on her book "Anuzza im Maisfeld").

      And indeed, there is no better way to explore a country, than by participating at their major events. Here we have drawn up just a few programmes - though equally interesting you may find Christmas in Maramureş, the so-called "Udătorul" in Maramureş, organized after Eastern to celebrate the first peasant to have done the work of the spring, the "Fire of Sumedru", organized in the Muscel area around St. Demetrius, celebrating the end of the work in autumn and many more, where we can draw up programmes for you.

New Year's decorations in the University Square, Bucharest      



New Year's Eve in Bucharest
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