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Cultural tours - Romania Very Fast

The Palace of Culture in Targu Mures

Entrance to the old church of the Monastery of Sinaia, named after the one on Mt. Sinai

The New Church of Monastery Sinaia

Castle Peles, Summer Residence of King Charles I of Romania

Pelisor Castle in Sinaia, Summer Residence of King Ferdinand Of Romania

Peasants' Fortification of Rasnov

Liars' Bridge in Sibiu


Do you come for the first time to Romania? Consider then this excursion. It helps you get quickly acquainted with the old provinces and provides you with an overview on the culture of the country. Afterwards you can choose a more specialized excursion in a region of your choice. We do expect your visiting Romania again, as we hope you have been attracted by the charm of our country.

1st day: Sinaia
Individual flight to Bucharest. After the luggage reclaim, you shall be greeted by our guide, who shall lead the whole tour. We shall drive to the mountain resort Sinaia, in the Romanian Carpathians, the summer residence of the Romanian Kings belonging to the Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen Dynasty. Visit the Sinaia Monastery, built after St. Catherine's Monastery on the Sinai Peninsula. Time permitting we take a short walk through the endless forests to the superb castles in the Peles Valley. Once the famous Orient Express used to regularly call here and it still does once a year on its way from Paris to Constantinople. While touring Sinaia, we shall have the opportunity to have alook at the Casino, inspired by the one in Monte Carlo. Dinner and accommodation: in the best hotel in Sinaia.
2nd day: Sinaia - Miercurea Ciuc
After breakfast, we shall head towards Brașov, where we shall start a sightseeing tour of the 14th century German-Saxon city and its Romanian part, at that time an independent village. The 14th-century Black Church, called so after its walls turning black from the fire set by the Austrian army in 1688, the First Romanian School and Printing Press - installed here in Braşov just five years later than Gutenberg's Press in Germany, are some of the most important sites to be visited in Brasov. The road to Tuşnad leads through a region inhabited by Hungarians. We shall visit the spa of Tuşnad with its beautiful lakes and forests. Known as "Little Switzerland", Tuşnad is well known for its mineral waters and sulphuric gases - used for therapeutic reasons - since the 16th century. Dinner and accommodation: in the best hotel in Miercurea Ciuc.
3rd day: Miercurea Ciuc - Şumuleu - Gura Humorului
Visit the only volcanic lake in Romania - St. Ann's Lake - and the Hungarian Cathedral Şumuleu. Through the spectacular Red Lake Pass and Bicaz Gorges, the road leads to Moldova. Along the Bistriţa Valley we arrive in Bucovina. Dinner and accommodation: in the best hotel in Gura Humorului.
4th day: Bucovina Tour
The Bucovina tour shows the most famous sites of Romania: The Monasteries painted not only on their inner, but also on the outer of their walls - Suceviţa, Moldoviţa and Voroneţ are the most important ones. The area has much more to offer in terms of traditional handicraft of rare beauty, such as pottery, embroideries and painted eggs. In Marginea, we have the possibility to buy some pottery and to watch how it is being made. Dinner and accommodation: in the best hotel in Gura Humorului.
5th day: Dracula - Bistriţa - Târgu Mureş
The road back to Transylvania leads through the Borgo-Pass, where Bram Stoker placed the action of his novel "Dracula". On the pass, the building that was supposedly his castle has been newly turned into a hotel. Here we have the opportunity to meet Dracula in person (or maybe it is the vampire's phantom?). The old German town of Bistriţa has the highest church tower in Romania and fine old houses. Further, drive to Târgu Mureş. Dinner and accommodation in the best hotel in Târgu Mureş.
6th day: Târgu Mureş - Sibiu
A sightseeing tour of Târgu Mureş shall bring us also to the Teleki Library, which was opened 200 years ago by the Hungarian count of Transylvania, Samuel Teleki. One of the surprises that welcome us here is one of the originals of the American Declaration of Independence, alongside with a book of inventions of the 18th century. Continue to the Culture Palace, with its beautiful stained glass, the plan of which received the first prize at the International Decorative Art Exhibition in San Francisco in 1913. Further to Sighişoara, the only still inhabited medieval citadel of Romania. Our journey continues to the Gothic church and fortification of Biertan - the seat of the Lutheran Bishop for Transylvania for some good 300 years. Our final objective of the day is Sibiu. Dinner and accommodation: in the best hotel in Sibiu.
7th day: Sibiu - Curtea de Argeş - Bucharest
Visit to Sibiu, the German capital of Romania with the Brukenthal Museum and the Old Town. Sibiu itself was nevertheless an important city of the Middle Ages - its central square laid within the fortress is bigger even than the main squares in Vienna. Important for Sibiu is nevertheless the Arts collection of Baron von Brukenthal, Transylvania’s Gubernatorial in the 18th century. Interesting is also Brukenthal's relation to the Austrian-Hungarian Emperor, Maria Theresa, and the central power in Vienna, as Transylvania of that time belonged to the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Through the magnificent Olt Valley and Băile Olăneşti, spas known world-wide since the times of Napoleon IIIrd, we pass on the other side of the mountains to reach Curtea de Argeş, where the Romanian Kings were buried. Dinner and accommodation: The best Hotel in Bucharest.
8th day: Bucharest
Special sightseeing tour. Transfer to the airport.

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