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Cultural Tours
The history of Romania and Central and Eastern Europe is at least as turbulent as the one of whole of Europe. The Ottoman Empire, Russia and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire all left traces in Romania - cultural, architectural and historic. French support for the independency and union of the three princpialities, Romanian Kings of German origins, belonging to the Hochenzollern-Siegmaringen Dynasty built palaces in beautiful areas. In order to understand the ways of living of today's Romanians, one has not only to understand the deep-rooted historical links to and between the different events, but also their traditions, their music, their faith and arts. This is why, every two years, we do invite you at the most important international festival of classical music - the George Enescu Festival. In between there are plenty festivals showing the local traditions and festivals.
The Hunedoara Castle   Constantin Brancusi's Table of Silence   Palace of Culture in Targu Mures   The Roman Mosaic of Tomis

Cross-Border Connections:
Hungary and Romania
Price: beginning with 2236 Euro


Cross-Border Connections:
Romania and Bulgaria

Price: beginning with 1908 Euro


Romania very fast
Price: beginning with 752 Euro


Bathing and not only
at the Black Sea

Price: beginning with 858 Euro

Brasov   Renaissance Style at Voronet Monastery in Bucovina   Christmas in Maramures   Symbol of Bucharest: The oldest concert hall in Bucharest - the Romanian Athenaeum

The Bârsa Land
Price: beginning with 455 Euro


Renaissance and Folklore
in Bucovina

Price: beginning with 901 Euro



Wooden Culture in the
Carpathian Mountains:

Price: beginning with 649 Euro


City Break Bucharest:
The City of Contrasts

Price: beginning with 298 Euro

The Academy of Economic Sciences in Bucharest   Symbol of Bucharest: The oldest concert hall in Bucharest - the Romanian Athenaeum        

Stunning Bucharest
and Surroundings

Price: beginning with 699 Euro


Walking tour of Bucharest

Price: 10 Euro per person



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