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Cultural tours - Bathing and not only at the Black Sea

The Roman mosaic in Tomis, today's Constanta



The Casino of Constanta





The Main Mosque in Constanta




Detail of the Roman Mosaic of Constanta

  The Romanian coast offers in summer fantastic bathing possibilities. The sun rises in the morning out of the sea and the beach disappears very slowly under water, so that one can walk through the sea quite a distance or swim at low depth. Moreover, there are no dangerous fish. In addition, the Black Sea does not have any high tide, as it is nearly an inland sea. Vacations at the seaside include Constanta as well, the biggest port in the region. The Greeks in Millet have erected several colonies at the Black Sea, of which Histria is the best conserved. Ovid was himself banished to Tomis, today's Constanta. Greeks and Romans, Byzantium and the Turkish Empire, all have left traces behind. Dionysus is incidentally from this region; to celebrate him, nice wine evenings are organized on the coast.

1st Day: Constanţa
Led transfer to Constanţa, the most important port at the Black Sea. Accommodation in the best hotel in Constanţa, where we will spend the first part our stay at the Black Sea coast. Constanţa is well known since the Greek and Roman antiquity as Tomis. Many legends of the time do connect with it - the story of the cruel Medeea and the Golden Fleece happened on the Black Sea not far from the port of Tomis, while on the other hand, Ovid himself, the Roman poet, was banned to Tomis, alledgedly for his work as a poet. Turks and Tatars are only in this area, between the Danube and the Black Sea - a small area, where there are Muslims in Romania and where one can find some of the most important mosques in the area.
2nd Day: Sightseeing tour in Constanţa
Led sightseeing tour of Constanţa: The Archaeology Museum , the Roman mosaic, singular in Romania and the biggest found so far of the Roman World, the Big Mosque and the Aquarium with the Casino. Bacchus is being said to have been born here – there are vast vineyards covering much of the area between Danube and the Black Sea, while Murfatlar is the biggest Romanian vineyard. We shall stop here for a wine tasting and meal – accompanied by some Romanian folklore.
3rd Day: Greek colonies in Romania
After breakfast, we shall depart to Histria, where we shall its ruins. Histria is the oldest Greek colony of Romania, having been compared several times to Pompei, because their similar fates. On our way to Histria, we shall have the chance to observe some birds on the lakes by the road. Through the Babadag forest, we shall drive to the old ruin fortress Herakleea with beautiful view of the surrounding plains and lagoons.
4th Day: Mangalia
Drive to Mangalia, where we shall visit the remnants of the Greek city Callatis. If there is interest, a visit of the stud farm of Arabian Horses can organized. Riding and tours with a horse and chart are possible. As alternative, we can allow some time for shopping. In the evening, we shall attend a Dionysus celebration in Eforie or Neptun. Accommodation in the best Hotel in Mangalia for the rest of our stay.
5th-7th Day: Bathing programme
Three days are available for bathing. The following optional excursions are available:
- Visit Balchik, once on Romanian territory, now in Bulgaria. The area was the favourite one of Queen Mary of Romania – it was her who built the Castle here and the small Chapel Stella Maris, where her heart was buried.
- Visit at Adamclisi, where we shall see the Tropaeum Traiani, a monument from that first century, dedicated to the Roman emperor Trajan. Upon our return, we shall visit the Cave of Holy Andrew, who, it is said to have stood here, in Dobrogea for some time.
8th Day: End of Tour
Time to say good-bye, as our tour draws to an end. Led transfer to the airport and individual flight to the next destination.

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