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Cultural tours - Stunning Bucharest and Surroundings

The Academy of Economic Sciences in Bucharest

Lupa Capitolina in Bucharest: Gift of the City of Rome

The Central Universities' Library in Bucharest, the first buikding of the University of Bucharest

Triumph Arch in Bucharest similar to the one in Paris

The National Opera House in Bucharest

Mogosoaia Palace in Brancoveanu style of the 19th century, combining the Old Vallahian style with the Turkish and the Venetian one

Detail of The Mogosoaia Palace: Turkish and Venetian influence in the Brancoveanu Age of the 19th century

        Stunning contrasts does offer Bucharest as a city. Large green areas alternate with high-rising buildings, rural and urban neighbouring each other, tradition and modernity, all those build up THE Romanian Metropole. Its cafes and restaurants and the many theatres will show us a glimpse of what people enjoy in Bucharest and how they live.

1st Day, Sa: Evening walk
Individual arrival on Bucharest's International Airport. Transfer to the hotel through the village of Otopeni. During an evening walk the charm of Bucharest, its tales and legends, the charm of its comfortable pubs shall be unfolded. Attendance of a musical performance - during summer time, only folklore is possible.
Accommodation for 7 overnights in a top 3-star or 4-star hotel in Bucharest (Hotel Opera, Hotel Central, Hotel Venezia, or Hotel Capitol, or a hotel of a similar quality) or a 5-star hotel (Hotel Continental or equivalent).
2nd Day, Su: Tour of the city by car and foot
Sightseeing tour of Bucharest, including a visit of the Museum of the Village, a museum that brings together original houses from the villages of Romania. A walking tour of the old centre will close our day. In the evening we shall have the opportunity to taste some of the best Romanian wines in Urlaţi (driving time: 2 hours each way).
3rd Day, Mo: House of the People
After breakfast, we shall visit Ceausescu’s famous „House of the People“, today's Palace of the Parliament, a building that was highly disputed after the downturn of communism in 1989. In contrast with it is the Monastery Pasarea, laid in a wonderful place, on the outskirts of Bucharest. We shall visit a nun of the Monastery to get a bit of their life. Our restaurant tonight shall welcome us with a pleasant folklore evening.
4th Day, Tue: Jewish heritage in Bucharest
Up until communist times, the Jewish community in Bucharest was located in a compact area of the city, a downtown location. Its history is very much related to their corner of Bucharest. A museum shows now their history in Romania, while the Yiddish theatre still performs some of the plays in Yiddish, with Romanian (or English) simultaneous translation. It is the only theatre in Romania to have a headphone system in place for simultaneous translations.
5th Day, Wed: 19th century architecture of Bucharest
A walking tour of one of the most impressive areas of the city - the one surrounding the Ioanid Park - shall introduce us to the 19th century architecture of Bucharest. The area is as more important, as it was among the first successes of a vision of urbanism in Bucharest. International similarities and parallels shall be drawn to our guest's attention. Our evening shall close with a second attendance at a musical performance or one within the George Enescu International Festival (September 2011).
6th Day, Thu: Dracula's Burial Place
The Snagov Monastery is probably best known because Dracula has been presumably buried here. Real history and legend mingle together again, here, at this monastery. It has been raised by Vlad the Impellor, mid-15th century, the real person behind Dracula. According to his will, he should have been buried here. Research may suggest that facts were opposite to his will.
7th Day, Fri: Summer residences around Bucharest - Mogoşoaia
The masterpiece of the Brancoveanu style is nonetheless represented by his castle near Bucharest, in Mogoşoaia. A small, but very nice museum has been organised recently within the castle, of which a visit is worth the while.
8th Day, Sa: Cotroceni Palace
The Cotroceni Palace, today a museum and the official office of the Romanian Presidents, was earlier the residence of the Romanian Kings of the Hohenzollern-Siegmaringen Dynasty. Soon our tour comes to an end and time approaches to say good-bye. Transfer to the airport.

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