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Nature & Outdoors

       Romania offers many possibilities to organize tours, trips and activities in the nature and out of the doors. It has mountains - trekking and skiing facilities are plenty - it has hills, plains and sea side. Most important, though, it has a unique natural landscape in Europe: it has the Danube Delta, the delta of one of the biggest European river.
       The Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve on the Romanian Black Sea Coast, is situated about 200 km north-easterly from Bucharest, in the mouth region of the second longest European river.
       The Danube Delta, which streches across over 4100 square kilometers was declared by UNESCO in 1991 to a world natural heritage, Man and Biosphaere Programme. 3/4 of the delta runs on the Romanian territory and 1/4 on the Ukranian one. The Delta is formed out of three main arms of the Danube - Chilia, Sulina and Sf. Gheorghe - are the results of the water separation (at Ceatalul Izmail) and several small watercourses.
       A peculiar place is occupied by floating reed islet formation usually floating or fixed on the bottom of the depressions.
       Alongside, on dunes there is an arid feather grass steppe and on the river's natural seawalls an unfully developed alluvial forest. The Danube Delta is significant for birds because of its humidity. Over 320 bird species were observed here, among 180 species of breeding birds, for example: pelicans, cormorants, egrets, storks and ibises.
       About 1160 plants and over 50 fish species are to be found here. Every autumn millions of migratory birds arrive in the delta, mainly different species of ducks and geese, such as the red-breasted goose. About 95% of the bird population gather here in winter.
       The possibilities of sightseeing and bird watching in the Danube Delta do not end with the programme we suggest here - we can organise upon demand a cutter in the delta - people interested in Ornithology and Biology are this way much closer to the nature and observation points. Or, upon demand, we shall organise for our guests a rather luxury tour in the delta, based on 5-star newly built hotels.

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