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Nature and Outdoors - The Great Plains and the Danube Delta 

Landscape in the Danube Delta



Ceatal Sf. Gheorghe


White Water Lilies in the Danube Delta


Nesting Cormorant

         At the far end of the Romanian Plains is the Delta of the Danube, the paradise of birds and ornithologists. The few villages are isolated from the world. Manifold is also the local population - Russians, Ukrainians, Romanians, Tartars and Turks contribute to the ethnic mosaic of the Delta. In this little inhabited region, where fishermen and birds compete against each other, accommodation in fishermen's houses, where nice dishes are prepared from fish and boat-trips through the birds' paradise is what we can offer.

1st Day: Bucharest - Constanţa
Individual arrival on the Otopeni airport in Bucharest. Our guide shall meet and greet you right after the luggage claim at the airport. After a short drive, we shall reach Bucharest, Romania's capital city, then transfer to Constanţa, the biggest port in the area. Constanţa is well known since the Greek and Roman antiquity as Tomis. Many legends of the time do connect with it - the cruel Medeea and the Golden Fleece is just one of the stories of the Black Sea and the port of Tomis, while on the other hand, Ovid himself, the Roman peot, was banned to Tomis. Turks and Tatars are only in this area, between the Danube and the Black Sea - a small area, where there are Muslims in Romania and where one can find some of the most important mosques in Romania. Accommodation and dinner in Constanţa.
2nd - 3rd day: Constanţa - Murighiol - Uzlina and the area
On an extensive tour of Constanţa we shall find out more of the city's past and present - the biggest Roman Mosaicum has been found here. Drive to Babadag to Murighiol, where there are two salt lakes, whith many birds. In steep banks, on our way, Bee-Eaters have built their nests - mid-June to mid-August we can watch them fly around. From Murighiol, we take a motorboat to the Cormoran Hotel in Uzlina. Two days to discover the area. April to June, we can visit a Cormorant colony; else we shall have a nice tour in the area. Rollers can be seen with a little luck. Accommodation at the best hotel in Uzlina.
4th - 6th Day: Uzlina - Sf. Gheorghe
Time to relax, sunbathing, and to take a bath in the swimming pool, and to discover the area, including the breeding areas of many birds. Transfer to Murighiol on day 6 and further by ship to Sf. Gheorghe, where the Sf. Gheorghe Arm of the Danube flows in the sea. We shall have enough time to discover the area: the point where the Danube flows into the Black Sea, where many White Pelicans gather, which is only 2 km from the village, and discovering the Cormorant and Pelican colonies, as well as seeing the newest land Europe's. On our ways we shall discover the many birds of the Danube Delta - the Mute Swan, Bitterns, Little Egrets, Great White Egrets, Grey Herons, Purple Heron, Glossy Ibis, Spoonbills, White Storks, etc. Accommodation at private pensions in Sf. Gheorghe.
7th day: Sf. Gheorghe - Bucharest
Returning to Bucharest, we shall visit Histria, the Romanian Pompei. Accommodation and dinner in the best hotel in Bucharest.
8th day: Bucharest
Our tour draws to an end. Transfer to the airport.

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